Discipline(s): Product and Furniture Design Studio
Bio: WD-DP is a London-based Design Studio founded by Dom Postlethwaite and Will Drye. They generate and develop ideas through material experimentation and prototyping in their workshop and through CAD Modelling. WD-DP’s work, which ranges from small scale products through to exhibition design, aims to be simple and functional and often highlights an object's manufacturing process or material choice.
Project title: Everyday Safety
Project Description: WD-DP set out to explore how they could encourage people to buy fire prevention tools for their homes after learning that the majority of UK fire call outs are domestic. They explored the reasons why many people don’t have fire safety items in their homes and then looked at ordinary household objects, with the aim to incorporate fire safety features into them, without taking away from the products’ everyday functions. The final design is a 'fire blanket' tea towel that can safely be used to put out fires as it is constructed through sandwiching various fabrics such as fire-retardant cotton around a fire extinguishing fabric. The materials allow it to be used as a kitchen tea towel on a day to day basis whilst at the ready, in case of fire.