Shiu Ling Natalie Yung

Discipline(s): Product, Furniture and Graphic Designer
Bio: Product, Furniture and Graphic designer Natalie Yung (Shiu Ling) is a Product, Furniture and Graphic Designer, born and raised in Hong Kong who then moved to the UK for higher education. Her mixed cultural background allows her to see design from two cultural perspectives, drawing inspiration from the two. Her main focuses are material exploration, cultural heritage preservation and creative problem solving.
Project title: Screw-Shake-Aim
Project Description: Screw-Shake-Aim allows us to be firefighters at a moment's notice. The object was inspired by an internet video which showed firefighters putting out a blaze with just a bottle of Coca-Cola. With this new cap design, all you have to do is screw the cap on, shake the bottle and aim it at the flames. The caps are designed with different nozzles for different levels of fire.