Pete Ho Ching Fung

Discipline(s): Designer
Bio: Pete Ho Ching Fung was born in Hong Kong, under British rule (1991) then moved to British Columbia (2006), occupying the unceded First Nations territories. He is currently based in the Netherlands. His situated practice explores the metaphysics of lived experiences and uses ambiguity as an aesthetic strategy. Fung’s work quietly disrupts the single stories of known knowledges, social relations, designed environments and technology. The work is materialized in images, words, workshops, curations, collaborations, journalistic and artistic research. He holds a MA in Contextual Design from Design Academy Eindhoven and a BA in Critical Design from Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Previously, he co-founded design collective Discordant Projects. His work has been exhibited, screened and published at Onomatopee, Disegno, Het New Institute, Helsinki Design Museum and Triennale Milano.
Project title: A Caged Swing and a Saw
Project Description: A Caged Swing and a Saw is a temporary installation in the playground of Het Witte Dorp (the White Village), Eindhoven. The work references the seemingly controlled, yet inherently violent act of deploying a fire extinguisher: to deploy, you risk unnecessary expense and potentially cause greater damage than the fire would have alone. To not deploy, you risk the fire growing out of control. How we perceive danger is a result of the designed environments and cultural constructs we inhabit; the fear of risk is equally, if not more, pervasive in our everyday lives than risk itself. The installation plays with this tension, inviting the viewer to ponder whether to destroy the structure to use the swing or leave it alone.