Mo Ayub

Discipline(s): DJ, radio presenter & producer and broadcast voice actor
Bio: Mo works as a DJ, Radio Presenter & Producer, as well as Broadcast Voice Actor, venting an eclectic range of music styles ranging from jungle and footwork, to Arabian melodica & off-kilter 4/4. He began at Leeds University’s Student Radio station (LSR) and now you can catch him on South London’s Reprezent as resident DJ for the station’s Sunday Drivetime show (on Saturdays, 6-8pm) and on Liverpool’s Melodic Distraction in which he offers a monthly mix of 160BPM chaos.
Project title: “extinguish; heal”
Project Description: “extinguish; heal” is an audio mix which is formed around peoples’ immediate reactions to fire – both in a literal and metaphorical sense. In the audio, one can hear fire, excerpts of how people respond to fire, rituals around fire and songs that surround the idea of fire. In different scenarios, fire can both devastate or calm. It can be used in rituals and, in a way, it can briefly extinguish anxieties and worries. The mix ranges from dour to mellow, with the aim of giving the listener a moment to think


You Get the Gist · "extinguish;heal"