Discipline(s): Designer/Maker
Bio: Environmental Activist. Artist. Feminist.
Project title: Planet, Cock, Civilization
Project Description: Planet, Cock, Civilization is a papier-mache sculpture that reworks Picasso’s still life painting Pitcher, Candle Casserole for the world as it is now – on fire due to capitalism and overconsumption. The artist used the story of the Phemone fire extinguisher, whose rivets were often too weak to contain the chemical reaction when deployed and destroyed itself as a basis for the work. We are destroying ourselves with man-made objects.
The piece centres around the casserole dish. In Picasso’s painting, the dish represents hunger and the shortage of food in WWII when the painting was made. FakePlasticNation has played with scale in their sculpture to emphasize the effects that our current reality of Global Heating will have and is having on food supplies. The artist addresses inequality, and by referencing Amazon and the new space race with the shape of the bunsen burner, questions the ethics of wanting to industrialise outer space to further clutter an already overburdened world.