Esteban Gomez-Rosselli

Discipline(s): Researcher, Curator and Writer
Bio: Esteban is a Colombian Researcher, Curator and Writer based in the Netherlands. He holds an MA in Design Curating and Writing from the Design Academy Eindhoven.
Project title: Fire Drill / Hypothetical Fire
Project Description: Fire Drill / Hypothetical Fire is a script for a spoken piece that examines the tensions, strangeness and emotions that accompany a fire drill in a poetic manner.


FIRE DRILL : hypothetical fire
This fire situation is ambivalent.
the fire in this image does not exist
which means
the flames in front of your body are not adverse--
(alive and dead)
the image of fire is in itself an obstacle
to the basic possibility
of any transformation
that needs great heat.
on the other hand,
doubting this exchange
you are acutely aware of
for the agency of fire is too real
yet flattened every time
you see the news on your screen
and you can but imagine
or anticipate
a lesson on defiance
at the static rhythm of circumstance
that acts as a backdrop of continuity
against the first law
all fire, every fire
is a piece of world changing
not to get into cosmological flair
of which you have heard enough
on yearning purity or strife but
not easy to light
not easy to extinguish
once burning
it yearns
yet not always hot enough
to burn
there is a matter of scale
for fire finds its full sense in extension
it situates you inside
a logic of intensity
gaining force only
through force of accumulation
amassing all parts
there is a long pause
between watching
the bright and flickering light
through your screen
and that moment
just before emergency
where it is no longer difficult
to imagine the house burning
and you can finally perceive the world
in accelerating circumstances
changing too fast
who knew fire can act as a background
where it takes over
all that can be seen
all that be heard
till then you are but performing
some artificial exercise,
some sort of synthesis
watching flames on a screen
there is little to accelerate or halt
but if there was and you acted
so much pressure of the canister
there will be no time for the heat to dissipate
first principle for an emergency is
not to get into one
says the fire extinguisher
in the corner near the door
a guarantee for liability
quietly implying
the combustibility of most things
that might someday in the future be on
fire is elementally lying in wait
emergency was called the genre of a present
defined by rapid change
but this was but a footnote
warming up to the idea that fire is
a social practice
can you address the changing circumstances
imagining fire cannot be separated from experience